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Snuff-free "Home package" whole program

Snuff-free "Home package" whole program


Dr. Kimo's snus-free "Home package" is a complete program with comprehensive treatment, including all medications and aids that are needed during the entire snus cessation process, with this package one stop sniffing  after 3 days, but the actual treatment will continue  for over 2 months after quitting snus.

  • Effect


    The packs help to quit snus after 3 days of treatment, with a 2-month follow-up after one has quit.

    - It will help reduce withdrawal symptoms.
    - Quickly cleans the nicotine from the body.
    - Removes cravings for nicotine and prevents relapse.
    - In addition to controlling weight problems.

  • When you start

    You start taking medication 3 days before you stop using snus, and will continue to use medication for the first two months after you stop using snus. the weeks after you quit.

    The program has the following steps

    - Step 1: Preparations before the end of nicotine.

    - Step 2: Medicines and aids in the first 2 weeks during nicotine withdrawal, with more tips and guidance.

    - Step 3: Medicines after you have stopped with withdrawal symptoms, which help to overcome any acute temptations in the first 2 months after you have stopped nicotine.

    - Step 4: Aids and tips and to keep you snsu-free long after you have stopped with nicotine, until you are totally and completely nicotine-free once and for all.

  • Package includes

    This kit includes the following aids

    - Dr.Kimo's nasal herbs - Unit 20
    - Pipette + filter - Unit 20
    - Craving Stabilizer - Unit 35
    - Detox Tea - Unit 1 “Enough for 3 days”
    - Anti-relapse cigarette - Unit 2
    - Anti nicotine spray - Unit 1
    - Root 1 - Unit 1
    - Root 2 - Unit 2
    - Root 3 - Unit 2
    - Friskstift - Unit 1
    - Herbs against relapse - Unit 1
    - Fresh drops
    - And complete course material over 2 months.

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