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Dr. Kimo's
Anti-Nicotine Carving Kit

Whether you want to quit smoking
or you have already quit and are looking for additional help!

Dr. Kimo's anti-craving protocol which incorporates his patented natural medicine along with other aids is tailored to ensure a comfortable and successful experience throughout the quit-smoking process.

Our range of products offers various options to aid in quitting smoking and more importantly to achieve full nicotine abstinence, not just smoking cessation."

Our treatment protocol for quitting smoking and nicotine addiction has been shown to be highly effective, with a documented success rate of over 83% for clients achieving complete nicotine cessation

  See references and results.

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Quit smoking 
Products and aids 
Dr. Kimo "Do It Yourself" home kits 
Smoking cessation
Mot nikotin trengsler og trang til røyk
Snus weaning  
Our latest snus-free package for withdrawal symptoms

Effective aids against nicotine cravings

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