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Anti Nicotine Spray-Snus

Anti Nicotine Spray-Snus


"Anti nicotine spray" is one of the most important herbs, essential natural medicine to fight nicotine addiction, it helps block the craving for snuff, cleanse the body of nicotine, in this way  make the X-smoker feel less tempted to nicotine.

  • Effect


    • Make the taste and smell of nicotine unpleasant.

    • Forces nicotine out of the body quickly.

    • Reduces withdrawal symptoms

    • Acutely removes the desire for nicotine after quitting.

  • When to use

    Used:The first 3 days before you stop using snus, and the next 4 weeks after you stop, or when you feel strong want_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136badniko5cftin .

    For stronger effect:

    We recommend using it in combination with“Anti Temptation Herbs”. This combination will enhance the unpleasant effect and remove the immediate craving for nicotine.

  • Package

    One bottle of "Anti nicotine spray" is enough for about 10 days,
    You need a maximum of 2 bottles; this will be enough for the entire closing process.

    Price: One bottle Price NOK 280 Included.

    This aid is also included in the following kits: Nicotine Clean Full Program - Anti Craving Kit - Under Quitting Kit.

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