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Quit Smoking Full Program

A complete set of natural medicine combined with a full program for 2 months, including all the quitting stages, where everyone quits after 3 days. but the treatment will continue for 2 months after quitting.


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The kits will help you to quit after 3 days, reducing abstinence symptoms, cleansing the nicotine quickly from the body and diminishing the acute craving for nicotine. The program taking into consideration the following phases during quitting.

  • Preparation aid
  • Actual quitting aid
  • After quitting aid
  • Maintain nicotine free

One thing is to quit smoking, quite other to maintain nicotine free

  • This treatment started few days before quitting,
  • Continue to use it the first 2-month after quit smoking,
  • And whenever one feels a  strong craving for cigarettes or nicotine, especially the first few weeks after quitting.

How to use: (Please follow the instruction, sent to your E-mail after ordering the products) there will be instructions and videos on how and when to use each and every aid.

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