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Snus Free Nasal Herbs

Snus Free Nasal Herbs

kr 280,00Pris

One of the main natural aids to break from nicotine depends, helps to reduce desire to nicotine, smoothing abstinent symptom, and removing nicotine quickly from the body.




    - Reducing desire to nicotine.

    - Removing nicotine quickly from the body.

    - Smoothing abstinent symptoms.

    - Making Nicotine test and smell quite unpleasant.


    When to use?

    - To be used few days before quitting, and few weeks after quitting, depend on symptoms and the stressful situations one go through after quitting.


  • Package & Price


    Each package Included:

    - 5 treatment of Dr. Kimo´s Nasal Herbs

    - 3 Nasal props

    -10 filter and 5 pipets


    This aid included as well in the following kits: Nicotine Clean Full Program – under Quitting Kit After quitting kitMaintain Nicotine Free


    Price: Package price is 280

    We advise to use between 2 till max 5 packages during all the quitting process.

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