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Anti nicotine spray

Anti nicotine spray


Anti nicotine spray It is one of the main medicine, very important product with effective effect against nicotine cravings, it is too much help to remove nicotine quickly from the body, and is very helpful, especially in the first 3 weeks when quitting smoking. 

  • Effect

    This natural medicine is a very important product for smoking cessation, and contributes to,

    • To reduce withdrawal symptoms.
    • Clean nicotine out of the body quickly and effectively.
    • Reduce cravings for cigarettes when quitting smoking.
    • And make the taste and smell of the cigarette very unpleasant.
  • More Info

    When can you use it:

    • It can be used for the first 3 days before quitting smoking
    • And long after, in case of strong acute need for nicotine or cigarettes after quitting smoking.

    For stronger effect:  We recommend using it in combination with  Remedy against smoking temptations  and or with  Anti relapse cigarette.  this combination amplifies the effect, to give  immediately  results no matter how much you crave nicotine cravings.

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