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Nicotine cravings stabilizer

Nicotine cravings stabilizer


Extra supplements, quite useful against nicotine cravings and when pigeons alone or  with other smokers, especially in the weeks after quitting.

  • Effect


    - Smoothing withdrawal symptoms during cravings.

    - Blocking of the nicotine receptor, and radii that want nicotine.

    - Very practical in the presence of other smokers.


    When should it be used?

    - To be used in the first weeks after cessation,

    - Or when you are alone and feel restless or stressed, as well as in the presence of other smokers.

  • Package contents


    Each package has 34 treatments, one package is enough for the entire subscription period.

    For a stronger effect:
    We recommend using it in combination with "Anti-relapse herbs - Anti nicotine spray - Anti craving cigarette" this combination will give you the best effect in refreshing and improving concentration immediately.

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