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Package 3 Smoking cessation "home package" with course

Package 3 Smoking cessation "home package" with course



A whole smoking cessation course over the internet

Dr. Kimo's smoking cessation course is documented and approved for its highest and most successful result, with over 83% of course participants remaining not only smoke-free but completely nicotine-free.

  • Course description

    Dr. Kimo smoking cessation course over the internet

    • With this course we have the best results, with over 83% of course participants who remain completely smoke-free, regardless of how much or how long you have smoked.
    • All course participants stop smoking after only 3 days, but the treatment itself will continue long after the cessation of smoking, until course participants are fully and completely nicotine-free and not just smoke-free.
    • This course is of great help, especially for those who have tried to quit smoking without success, or for businesses  -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_who want to have a smoke-free environment, but they have employees who are not fully motivated.
  • Course content

    The course contains

    • 26 treatments spread over 6 months which are sent to deg via post, or collected from the clinic in Oslo.
    • 12 meetings with course leaders over the internet or at the clinic if it is desirable.
    • 4 additional private consultations if necessary.
    • The treatment includes all types of medication and aids that will be used for the entire 6 months. the course.

    Price: Per course participant is NOK 3,900,

    • It is possible with payment scheme by agreement.
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