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Improve concentration funds

Improve concentration funds


Quit smoking Frisk-stiften

concentration means after smoking cessation

Smoking cessation concentration pen: Is an effective natural remedy to improve concentration after smoking cessation, during stressful situation, it relieves cough, opens the trachea and reduces the urge to smoke in case of urgent need.

  • Effect

    Friskstift and concentration agent has the following effect; 

    It activates the sense of smell and has a fresh and pleasant scent, which dampens the desire for nicotine, it sharpens concentration after you have stopped nicotine.

    • Improves focus and concentration after quitting smoking.
    • Cleans the airways and reduces coughing.
    • Removes cravings for nicotine
    • Easy to be included in different social contexts.
  • More info

    • To be used after quitting smoking, e.g. while driving, writing, relaxing, etc. Or when attending a meeting or activities, where you require higher attention, especially in the first weeks after quitting smoking.
    • Because of its pleasurable effect, many people continue to use it long after they quit smoking.

    For stronger effect: We recommend that you use it in combination with Anti Nicotine Spray and/or Medicine against smoking temptations. This combination gives you the best effect and better concentration immediately.

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