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Fresh Concentration Pen - Snus

Fresh Concentration Pen - Snus


Very effective to improve concentration after quitting, reliving chase tidiness and smoothing  down the desire to nicotine.

  • Effect

    - Improving concentration.

    - Reliving craving for nicotine.
    - And reducing coughing and chest tightness after quitting.

    This aid is included as well in the following kits: Anti Craving Kit - Nicotine Clean Full Program - Under Quitting Kit

  • When to use

    To be used under any stressful situation, that demand a higher level of attention, like attending a meeting, driving, writing and so on…

    Especially in the first few weeks after quitting.

    However many quitter keep using it, even long after quitting, due to its pleasant effect.

  • Package and price


    - Each package included 2 units, enough for 8 till  10 weeks.

    - One package is enough for the entire quitting period.

    For stronger effect we advice to use it, in combination with "Anti Relapse Herbs - Anti Craving Cigarette" this combination will give the quitter, the  best effect in improving concentration instantly.

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