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The toxic tea - Supplements for sleeping

The toxic tea - Supplements for sleeping


Collection of high quality herbel tea, helpful against stress after quit smoking cigarette, improve sleeping  and  cleaning the body quickly from nicotine or toxic stuff.

  • Effect



    - Cleaning the body quicly from nicotine and toxic stuff.

    - Relaxing and reducing stress.

    - Improving deep sleeping condition.


    When to use:

    - To be use  direct after quit smoking, and before sleeping, for those who have sleeping problem. Or whenever one feels stressed out after quitting.


  • Package & price



    - Package is enough to make minimum 15 cups.


    For stronger effect:
    We advise to use it in combination with " Anti relapse herbs"  - “ Theta Frequents ” Anti Stress CD “, this combination will give you the best effect in refreshing and improving concentration instantly.


    Price: One package cost Nkr 79.

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