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copy of Spray against the urge to smoke

copy of Spray against the urge to smoke


Spray against smoking cravings, is one of the main medicines, and is a very important product with an effective effect against nicotine cravings. -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_the body, and especially in the first 3 weeks of quitting smoking.  

  • Effect

    This natural medicine is a very important product for smoking cessation, and contributes to,

    • To reduce withdrawal symptoms.
    • Clean nicotine out of the body quickly and effectively.
    • Reduce cravings for cigarettes when quitting smoking.
    • And make the taste and smell of the cigarette very unpleasant.
  • More Info

    When can you use it:

    • It can be used for the first 3 days before quitting smoking
    • And long after, in case of strong acute need for nicotine or cigarettes after quitting smoking.

    For stronger effect: Vi anbefalle å bruker den i kompination med Middel mot røyk fristelser og eller med Anti tilbakefall sigarett. denne kompination reinforces the effect, to give immiddelbart results no matter how strong the nicotine craving is.

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