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Anti Nicotine Spray

Anti Nicotine Spray


Essential natural medicine in fighting nicotine addiction, and one of the main herbs, it helps to block the nicotine desire, clean the body from nicotine, and make the X-smoker feel less tempted to it.

  • Effect


    • Making the nicotine test and smell unpleasant.

    • Force nicotine to leave the body rapidly.

    • Reducing abstinence symptom

    • Removing the sudden craving after quitting.

  • When to use

    To be use:

    The first few days before quitting, and the coming few weeks after quitting, or whenever you feel strong craving for nicotine.


    For stronger effect:

    We advise to use it in combination with “Anti Relapse Herbs “ – “ Anti Craving Cigarette” this combination will amplify the unpleasant effect and remove instantly any sudden craving for nicotine .

  • Package


    • One bottle is enough for approximately 10 days,
    • One need max 2 bottles; this will be enough for the entire quitting process.


    Price: One bottle Price Kr.240  Including.

    This aid included as well in the following kits: Nicotine Clean Full Program – Anti Craving Kit – Under Quitting Kit.

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