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BrizOk,BrizOk is designed for its efficiency in filtering airborne particles, alleviating nasal congestion, opening the airway, and enhancing airflow. It also promotes nasal breathing over mouth breathing, which helps improve the quality of the air you breathe and effectively reduces allergic reactions to pollen and other airborne particles, all thanks to its unique air filter thats add it to the " BrizOk"device system.










We've introduced this remarkable treatment to our website. After testing numerous products to address allergic issues, nothing has come close to delivering the exceptional results achieved by this product. Our primary aim is to ensure that our valued customers who struggle with Allergi can fully reap its benefits.

Specielt offers 193 Nkr
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Why we snize?

Resparotery Alergic reaction typically occurs when When irritants like dust, pollen, or other foreign particles enter the nose or mouth, they can stimulate sensory receptors in the nasal lining. This stimulation triggers a response in your nervous system, which in turn sends signals to various muscles, including those in your chest and throat.. The reflex is designed to expel irritants quickly before they can potentially enter deeper into the respiratory system.


the flow of air is partially obstructed due to allergic reactions caused by airborne matter. These particall trigger the immune system to reacts, leading to narrowing of the airway due to congestion and swelling of the airway tissues. 

By filtering the air through the unique filter of 'BrizOk' device, we can reduce the amount of airborne particles entering the airway. This, in turn, minimizes allergic reactions, alleviates airway congestion and tightness of the airway, and enhances the quality of the air we breathe in.


Due to high demand, we regret to inform you that there may be a delay in the delivery of this product at the moment. If you wish, you can leave your email address, and we will notify you as soon as we have additional stock available in our stores. Alternatively, you can place an order and be added to our waiting list. Rest assured, the product will be shipped to you promptly once it becomes available in our stores, and hopefully within 10 days.

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